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European Standards For Compression Socks & Compression Stockings

The compression is measured in mmHg, where mm stands for millimetre and Hg for mercury. It measures how the stockings react at a certain change in pressure. 

There are different standards for compression. Below you can find the defined standard in Europe described.

Compression Class 1

For use with smaller problems like swollen feet, tiredness, and small varicose veins.

Compression 15-21mmHg.

Compression Class 2

For use with bigger problems as for instance venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Also for use after operations.  

Do not use compression class 2 without consulting a doctor or nurse.

Compression: 22-32mmHg.

Compression Class 3

With major problems you might need compression class 3. In this case the stockings are made to order. Medically qualified personal has to measure the person, so the socks are a complete fit.

Compression 33-46mmHg.

Compression Class 4

Only for use within hospitals.



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