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This Week's Top 3 Challenges For Irish Male Nurses - from

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There is a serious staff crisis in nursing - and men are the solution

In the United Kingdom more nurses are leaving the national register than joining it. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) reported in July that an overall reduction in the numbers of nurses and midwives. England has scrapped the bursary for nursing students and paid the price in the form of a 23% drop in applicants at a time when more than ever are needed.

Are Beards A DO Or DON'T In Nursing?

What are your thoughts about or experiences with male nurses with beards? -Edmondo Are beards a health hazard in the nursing profession? Or just an expression of style that doesn't hinder the job in any way? Scrubs reader Edmondo wrote in asking about our readers' experiences with male nurses and beards, so we turned to the experts-YOU!

Men on the ward: The need to get more men into nursing

YOU could be forgiven for being just a little taken aback when James Geoghegan tells you he's a nurse. Standing at just under six feet tall and with the shoulders of a professional rugby player, the 36-year-old is the very antithesis of the petite and strong-willed stereotype that many have of nurses.

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