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The Importance Of Colour When Choosing Nursing Home Uniforms & Care Home Uniforms

Posted by Lin Byrne on

According to HIQA (Health Information and Quality Authority) there are just over 570 nursing homes looking after approximately 26,000 residents in the Republic of Ireland. In the United Kingdom this figure rises substantially to over 21,000 registered care homes, nursing homes and residential homes ( With over 840,000 people living with dementia in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, (Alzheimer's Society) the use of colour and how it positively or negatively impacts a person's living environment is becoming more and more important. Because people suffering from dementia can often have difficulties with their sight and perception it is important to understand the importance of colour in caring for these patients. Every object we place inside a nursing home from the carpets to the table place settings and down to the colours we choose for our nursing home uniforms and care home uniforms can affect our patients.

We all like living in beautifully designed spaces. In fact, even if we do not suffer from dementia, a well designed living environment can greatly affect our mood. Believe it or not, the choices that we make when deciding how our living environments will look have a documented effect on our emotions and perceptions. Lets delve into the world of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to take a look at how the colours we pick for our nursing home uniforms and care home uniforms can affect the patients we look after on a daily basis. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe first wrote about colour psychology in the 19th century in his book, Theory of Colours and although there is some debate regarding the implications of certain colours, most people agree on the following meanings:

Examples of Colour in Nursing Home Uniforms

How might your patient view these care home uniform colours?

How is the colour of this nursing home uniform best used?

Do you want your nursing home uniforms to be quiet formal? Choose Dickies orchid purple care home uniforms Royalty & Luxury Purple nursing home uniforms give a formal vibe. These care home uniforms create an air of sophistication or luxury.
Try these ceil blue Dickies scrubs for your care home uniforms to create a calm, fresh feeling for patients. Calm & Fresh Good for high traffic areas, so work blues tend to do well in large nursing homes.
Green nursing home uniforms and green care home uniforms will create a soothing effect. Soothing Green works well if you want to bring the outdoors inside in your nursing home.
These white scrubs can work well as nursing home uniforms & care home uniforms but mix with another colour.
Cleanliness & Purity
A sterile colour. This should be used sparingly in conjunction with other colours in nursing home uniforms and care home uniforms.
These black nursing home uniforms work well with the accent of pink trimming around the neck. Power Black is definitely a symbol of authority. Use sparingly in nursing homes and care homes.
This pink Dickies scrub top will convey compassion in your care home uniforms & nursing home uniforms.
Compassionate & nurturing
A sign of hope. It is a positive colour to use in care home uniforms & nursing home uniforms as it inspires warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay.

Below are some more ideas for how you can help patients suffering with dementia navigate the world around them by using colour more effectively:

Contrasting table place settings

Contrasting colour table place settings can assist dementia suffers at meal times. Highlighting Important Objects Such As Toilet Seats

A green toilet seat against a white bathroom will help guide dementia patients to the object.

Highlighting the Bathroom Door in a Different Colour

A green bathroom door stands out against this blue wall to help patients find where they are going. 

Colour can also be used to blend or hide objects that your patients do not need to use or see. You should also try to avoid using contrasting colours where floor surfaces meet as these can be seen as a step or barrier.

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