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Can you make better decisions by wearing a dog grooming uniform?

Posted by Gerry Moloney on

Wearing a dog grooming uniform in your dog grooming parlour saves time in the morning, saves money, and can even play a crucial role in preventing the spread of germs. But did you know that dog grooming uniforms can also help you make better decisions?

Orchid purple dog grooming uniform & dog grooming uniforms

Some of the world’s most noted geniuses, like Albert Einstein and Apple’s Steve Jobs, chose to wear the same clothes everyday to work, so that they could focus on more important decisions than their outfit choice. Jobs did this so famously that his black turtleneck and jeans became as much part of his personal brand as a dog grooming uniform is part of their dog grooming parlour's brand.

Navy blue dog grooming uniform & navy blue dog grooming apparel.

Even influential women, who may have a harder time finding staple outfits to wear every day, can use the uniform mentality to avoid decision fatigue at the start of each day. Anna Wintour, the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Magazine and the world’s most recognised fashion authority, has maintained the same hairstyle and bought the same shoes for decades. Even with her rumoured massive clothing allowance, she chooses to wear the same things over and over again.

Hot pink dog grooming uniform, hot pink dog grooming clothes

Why? Because a person’s routine has powerful psychological effects even beyond freeing up brain space. One study found that people who perform rituals — either religious or personal ones like making a glass of water to have at your bedside every night— report that those rituals alleviate grief during hard times and can even enhance the taste of food.

Gorgeous pewter grey dog grooming uniform & dog grooming clothes.

Donning the same dog grooming uniform every day can also empower you by impacting others’ decision-making about you. Clothes are the second factor of Dr. Cialdini's principle, where he says that wearing a uniforms like a dog grooming uniform that indicates your expertise in an industry helps customers to form a quick and positive impression of your helpfulness. This means that you’ll spend less mental energy winning over a customer and have more time providing the expertise that they need!

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Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it? Strengthen your brand and empower your employees by providing them with a smart-looking dog grooming uniform.

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