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ClothesRack's Weekly Round Up Of Dental News for Ireland

Posted by Lin Byrne on

How 'subsidised dentistry and free glasses' benefits is to return this week -

The scale and polish dental treatment, which was abolished in 2009, has been reintroduced, Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty announced yesterday. The maximum charge for the treatment will be €15, while the dentist will receive a fee of €42 from the State. There will be subsidised treatment for periodontal pockets, a form of gum disease.

Dentist finds creatures wiggling inside man's mouth - and it's disgusting

Gruesome footage captured the moment a dentist took on arguably their most disgusting case to date - a mouth full of MAGGOTS. Stomach-churning video shows a female patient receiving treatment with bugs clearly wriggling inside her mouth. The slimy insects are spotted next to yellowed teeth in the side of the mouth as her bottom lip is pulled back.

Sugar tax should be spent on dental health

Sugar tax should be spent on dental health

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