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How To Shop Securely Online For Nurses Uniforms & Nursing Uniforms

Posted by Gerry Moloney on

Shop securely for nurses uniforms online in ClothesRack's secure nurses uniform store.

When shopping for nurses uniforms Ireland and nurses scrubs the options are, to shop online or endure the trek through the traffic to a physical nursing uniform store. When shopping for nursing uniforms or any other scrubs most of us want the same thing, value for money, good customer service, excellent quality, hassle free convenience and security.

To shop in a physical nurses uniforms store and to ensure value for money, well you can go online to get a list of the nursing uniform stores, in your area, check if they have the nurses uniforms Ireland you are looking for, then ring up and hold on while you are put through to the correct department all the while listening to some da da da da, da da piece of music. Then, a staff member comes on the line and maybe gives you the prices or tells you “sorry we don’t have it in this nurses uniforms store, doh!”. Oh well, what’s 5 minutes wasted to get this piece of information? So it goes with the rest of the shops you have located. Or, you could be reckless with your time and head in to the biggest shopping area near you and take a chance, this option rarely has a happy outcome. Trekking through traffic in possibly bad weather can also be a pain.

So instead, shop for nursing uniforms online in ClothesRack and select the nurses scrubs you want to purchase. Then just head over to the checkout and pay, using your PayPal account, Credit or Debit cards on our secure website. Voila! Job done just sit back and wait for delivery as per the stated times.

Shopping online for nurses scrubs avoids the traffic and the associated stress and is completely secure. Remember to check with your bank’s T&C’s regarding credit cards but usually you are protected if you use it according to the T&C’s. You can also use prepaid debit cards were you preload the amount you wish to spend and if you lose the card or someone gets your code the only exposure is the remaining balance on the card. PayPal also offer protection and a dispute resolution process if you experience problems. You have at least the same if not more rights when shopping online as you have when shopping offline.

Some Tips if you use PayPal to shop for nurses uniforms Ireland:

Shop for nurses uniforms, nursing uniforms & nurses scrubs using Paypal.

  • Always use a very secure password for your PayPal account, i.e. anyone gaining access to your PayPal account has full access to any card or bank account linked to your PayPal
  • Do NOT use the same password on any other system, including your email account
  • Do NOT link your bank account to your PayPal account
  • If you are going to invoke the dispute resolution process, make sure you do it in the time specified

Some Tips For Using a Credit Card payment system:

Ensure the nursing uniform store you shop at is pci compliant.

  • Keep your card safe
  • Make sure nobody is shoulder surfing, i.e. peeking over your shoulder at your card details
  • Make sure the nursing uniform store that you are shopping from is PCI Compliant. ClothesRack uses Shopify, which is PCI compliant.

In general, while shopping online:

  • Always look for the Locked lock and the Https like ClothesRack has. It is preferable that the entire website has https, not just the payments page

Shop for nurses scrubs & nursing uniforms online at ClothesRack's https nurses uniforms store.

  • Don’t use free Wi-Fi connections for shopping, browsing yes but not shopping, not even the one with a passcode
  • Change your passwords regularly, at least every three months (how long have you got your current email password ??)

      Online shopping is a safe as bricks and mortar shopping if you adhere to simple security rules, just as you would on any shopping trip, so, enjoy your online shopping experience on ClothesRack for nurses uniforms where you will find all your nursing uniforms, nurses scrubs and nurses uniforms Ireland needs at the keenest prices.

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