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How To Prevent Black Hospital Scrubs & Black Medical Scrubs Fading

Posted by Lin Byrne on

Black scrubs and black medical scrubs are an essential part of a lot of hospital staff wardrobes. Both men and women love black scrubs as black is becoming a more and more popular option for those looking for medical scrubs.

Black is in fact a unique colour which gives you a chic look always. Black hospital scrubs are a favourite pick these days. Most of us love the colour black immensely and it is indeed the most wanted colour for lots of medical workers.

The modest but trendy appeal of black medical scrubs fascinates each one of us. Black is the only colour that is a sensation in your downtime wardrobe and your hospital workwear wardrobe. Black is indeed an intriguing component of medical fashion and is the only colour which can never become outdated.

Preventing your black hospital scrubs and black medical scrubs from fading is an easy task. You can keep your black scrubs black for longer by simply following these top tips.

Stop these black hospital scrubs & black medical scrubs from fading now.

First Wash Rule For Black Hospital Scrubs

The first wash is a vital wash for all dark coloured scrubs and healthcare uniforms. To keep your black medical scrubs black simply soak them overnight in salted water, or you can opt to use a solution of vinegar and water. Both salt and vinegar are excellent to set the colours of the fabric. If you follow the first wash rule you can easily prevent the fading of colours in your black hospital scrubs to a great deal. 

Wash Black Medical Scrubs At The Recommended Temperature

To wash black scrubs and black hospital scrubs always use the recommended wash temperature on the uniform fabric. If your black scrubs are washed on a temperature that is too hot it will generally make the colours bleed which causes fading of the fabric.

Hand Wash Your Black Medical Scrubs

While using the washing machine always select a gentle cycle to prevent fading unless your black medical scrubs are heavily soiled. Don't choose a cycle which is too long as it will damage the fibers of your black hospital scrubs which will lead to fading.

Turn Your Black Scrubs Inside Out Before Washing

Always turn the black scrubs inside out before washing. This is a simple but effective tip which can definitely help you to prevent fading.

Hangout To Dry Al Fresco But Try To Avoid Extreme Sun

Avoid drying your black hospital scrubs in the intense sun. Also avoid high heat as it can make your black scrubs shrink. Natural air drying outside is the best way to keep your black medical scrubs last longer.

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