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Radiography Uniforms

I know this topic may be a little self explanatory. I mean you just show up at work with your Radiologist's uniform on, don't you? What more to it is there? Well after working those long shifts I can tell you there are some tips and tricks that you may never have thought of. So lets get started. I am going to start from your toes up to your head.

1. Medical Shoes/ Medical Clogs

I really don't recommend any particular brand of medical clogs. The best thing to do is try before you buy. What works for your Radiographer colleague may not work for you and vice versa. You want to try and make sure that your Radiographer shoes are closed toed. I know there for a while there was a brand that was successful selling the open toed shoes, but in reality you are more prone to germs if you have open toed shoes in a medical facility. 

2. Compression Stockings

Both men and women wear compression stockings. They are excellent for preventing varicose veins and leg fatigue after your long shifts. 

3. Radiography Scrubs

Some people may think that you can just throw on any old radiography scrubs and they will do the job. But this is really not the case. It is well worth investing in a brand of radiographer uniforms that fits you really well and is made from comfortable, durable fabric. I would recommend purchasing radiography scrubs with plenty of pockets for your pen, notebook, devices, money and any other bit and pieces that you like to have with you on your long shift. 

4. Watch

As a Radiographer you really need to invest in a good watch. You should also make sure that it is a watch that you can wipe down after every shift.

5. No Fake Fingernails

Fake fingernails carry germs, especially in medical facilities. I would highly recommend that you leave the fake nails for heading out at the weekend.

6. Wear Simple Jewellery/ Make Up

If you can't go totally bare from jewellery & make up, try and keep it to the bare minimum. 

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