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How To Choose The Right Dog Grooming Clothing or Dog Grooming Apparel

Posted by Lin Byrne on

The Pet Grooming industry is on a massive upward trajectory, so it is essential that you stand out from the competition and make sure you look as professional as possible. Your dog grooming apparel will instantly leave a lasting impression on your furry customers and their paying human owners.

Great dog grooming clothing are an essential element of your work style and it’s one of the most important buying decisions you will make for your pet grooming salon. A good pet grooming smock can truly elevate your style. It can set your style mood or even pull your look together on a day that you don’t really feel like looking the part in work.

Pet grooming can be a difficult task and your morale plays a big part on how well your day will go by. The pets seem to know when you are a little off your game and take advantage of the situation by making every task a challenge. This is why wearing the proper dog grooming clothing can be vital. Pet grooming apparel is not only good for looks but also important to keep you safe and physiologically ready for work in your pet grooming salon. Our pet grooming apparel gives you the highest quality materials, design, comfort and most importantly style. So when shopping for your next pet grooming apparel outfit, look for the following:


When working hard you need to be comfortable and have full mobility. Most grooming clothes are made of pure nylon and nylon is not flexible or very breathable but it does repel animal hair very well. Clothes Rack Uniforms stocks grooming clothes with 35% polyester and 65% cotton content. This pet grooming material allows your skin to breath in work and look stylish at the same time.


Do you have style? Choose a design that best represents your personality and style of pet grooming. If you have pink clippers, pink scissors and a pink comb, why not match your accessories to our vast array of colourful pet grooming apparel. Pet Groomers are creative and your work requires you to think outside the box, so dress accordingly. 


Dogs and cats naturally destroy anything you are wearing while grooming. The pockets can get snagged on corners, or bleach splashes all over your pet grooming apparel. Prepare yourself by buying dog grooming clothes that are going to last through the pet grooming salon chaos. Double stitching is always better then single stitching. Also, strong and thick materials are your friend when picking the right pet grooming wear.

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