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How to Choose the Right Compression Socks

Posted by Gerry Moloney on

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Compression socks have a number of benefits. They are a good fit for people who spend all day on their feet (like nurses) - and they are great for athletes who want to boost their performance. In fact, anyone can wear compression socks to promote recovery, reduce swelling, prevent leg fatigue and lessen the appearance of varicose veins.

However, not all compression socks are created equally. Here are four points to consider when choosing the right compression socks for your needs:

Choosing the Degree of Compression

Compression socks are excellent for muscle recovery. As the name suggests, compression socks improve the circulation of blood within the legs based on their design. They provide graduated compression, which means that they are tightest around the feet and lower legs since these are usually the most affected areas when it comes to swelling. Compression then gradually grows lighter as it moves up the legs. 

It is also important to understand the varying degrees of compression. Too little means your compression socks will not do an adequate job of boosting blood flow, and too much might constrict your blood valves and do more harm than good. offer 15-20 mmhg true graduated compression -- the perfect amount to fit your needs.

Understanding the Difference Between Socks and Sleeves

Calf sleeves offer excellent support for your active lifestyle. They are great for your morning run or for a marathon. However, because of their design, calf sleeves are not recommended for recovery or for long periods of travel. On the other hand, true graduated compression socks can be used for any activity and they are especially good for recovery.

Selecting the Right Size

There's no “one size fits all’ when it comes to choosing the right compression socks. Your compression socks should feel snug (so that they can do their job), but not uncomfortably tight.

Choosing the Best Material

Apart from choosing the right size, the material of your compression socks will help determine your level of comfort. The key is to look for socks that are made with breathable material and have moisture-wicking and skin-cooling fabric properties. Every pair of our socks goes through a multi-step process to ensure maximum moisture-wicking and improve the antimicrobial properties of the fabric. The fabrics we use are carefully selected to control abrasion, maintain structure and improve the overall longevity of the socks. These features are especially important if you plan to wear compression socks all day at the job or while running.

Incorporating Style

You don’t have to go with drab and dull when it comes to compression socks. At, we have many styles to fit your personality.


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