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How Many Nurses Uniforms Does A Newly Qualified Nurse Need To Buy?

Posted by Lin Byrne on

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At we recommend that a newly qualified nurse starts out of the block with enough for the work week, plus one extra nurses uniforms set. So if you work three 12 hour shifts, I'd buy 4 sets of nurses uniforms. You could get away with buying less nurses uniforms if you don't mind doing the washing more often.

Whether you’re new to buying nurses uniforms or a veteran at donning nurses uniforms, at some point you’ll face that ‘fashion versus function’ question: "How many nurses uniforms does a newly qualified nurse really need?"

Check out our top 5 recommendations for determining just how many sets of nurses uniforms you really need to be fashionable and functional, without busting your wallet.

Make sure you know your hospital’s policies on nurse uniform cuts, colours, and patterns.

Does your hospital use color coding to distinguish between departments? Are funkier colours allowed? You don’t want to run out and buy your favourite pink nurses uniforms or purple nurses uniforms and then find out your hospital only allows solid colours of nurses scrubs. Check the rule book before updating your nurses scrubs.

Compare your clothes washing schedule and work schedule.

It’s true. Some of us only do washing every other week. Others like to throw in a load every other night. Think realistically about how often you do washing and whether or not you care about having freshly washed nurses scrubs every single time you work. (Top Recommendation: if you regularly pick up extra nursing shifts, you should keep an extra set of nurses uniforms on hand. That way, you’re not scrambling to find clean nurses scrubs at the last minute.)

Look for wear and tear in your nurses uniforms.

Just how tough are your nurses uniforms? Just because you think you have enough nurses scrubs doesn’t mean it’s not time to retire some of the old ones. Do at least an annual check on your nurses scrubs to determine which ones to keep and which ones to throw away.

Weather…or not?

Lets face it we live in a rather a wet and dreary climate? You may want to invest in some long-sleeved t-shirts for under your nurses uniforms.

Your own fashion requirements for you nurses uniforms.

If your hospital allows you to choose the cuts and colours of your scrubs then you have the freedom to express yourself through your work attire. What’s your style? Do you want some with funkier colours, or some that are traditional navies and blacks? Do you want special occasions nurses uniforms and nurses scrubs scrubs? Think about what colours and patterns will most make you feel comfortable and cheerful at work.

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