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6 Annoying Rules For Wearing Female Nurses Scrubs & Nursing Scrubs

Posted by Lin Byrne on

1. Female Nurses Having To Wear White Nursing Scrubs

There are lots of hospitals, medical centres and clinics that have a mandatory white nursing scrubs only rule. White scrubs are always so gorgeous when they first arrive on your doorstep. They are a symbol of a fresh, new day were nothing can go wrong. But then the heavens decide to have a laugh at your expense. How many times have you walked into work and your first patient of the day vomits on your white medical scrubs or that IV drip that you have been trying to insert for the last hour goes awry, only to find the biggest splatter of blood all over your brand new white scrubs? Talk about a nightmare!

2. Coloured Underwear & White Nurses Scrubs

There is always that one nurse that decides to push the boundaries that little bit too far and wears a black bra and black knickers underneath their white nursing scrubs. I mean what is all that about? There is just no excuse...plain and simple! If you are forced to wear white nurse scrubs to work because it is 'policy' make sure you have plenty of white underwear ....nobody and I mean nobody wants to see your best black underwear on the ward!
What Not To Wear With White Nurses Scrubs or White Medical Scrubs - Black Underwear

3. Time Of The Month & White Medical Scrubs

Then there is the whole time of the month issue....white nurse trousers and your periods do not mix. Its so annoying when you have to spend the whole shift checking, double checking and then triple checking that there have been no accidents. 

4. Nurses Trousers That Do Not Fit Correctly

We should all be able to choose the right style of nurses trousers for our body type. Granted we understand it may be necessary to have a 'begging' conversation tomorrow in your hospital to be able to do this. But being forced to wear the wrong pair of nurses trousers can cause you to look heavier, shorter, or otherwise unflattering. To ensure your next nurse pants shopping experience is as painless as possible, nurses should follow these four tips:

1. Tapered Leg Nurses Trousers

In fairness, when the the powers that be make you wear these glorious tapered creations, the usual requirement is that they are navy nurse trousers so we don't have to much of a problem with the colour, in fact navy works well for everyone. Nurse trousers come in many styles, designs, and colours to match any nurses's personal taste so there is no need to be so rigid on this style requirement. Tapered nurses trousers do not suit every body shape. If you have wider thighs and hips, straight leg nurses trousers will suit your shape better. Women who have heavier thighs should avoid nurses trousers that taper at the bottom because they can make the thighs and hips appear wider. 

2. Straight Leg Nurses Trousers

These nurses pants work well with just about any body shape. Straight leg nursing trousers have a uniform width from the thighs down to your ankle. This creates a flattering straight line to help balance out any body type. Nurses with slightly wider thighs tend to like straight leg pants for this reason. Nurses who have skinnier figures also do well with straight leg nurse pants because they will help you maintain your slender shape.

3. Bootcut Nurses Trousers

If you have fuller hips, I would highly recommend that you choose bootcut nurses trousers, such as these Ladies Dickies Scrubs Trousers HC53102. These nurses trousers will skim over your thighs and they have a slight gradual flare at the lower leg. These nurse pants tend to be universally flattering, especially if you’ve got full hips so we thoroughly recommend bugging the powers that be in work to allow all women to wear these nurse trousers instead of tapered nurse pants...the majority will usually rule for bootcut.

Purple scrubs. These purple scrub trousers will suit any type of nurses uniforms or care home uniforms.

4. Skinny Nurses Trousers

If you are trying to reach consensus over which type of nurse trousers everyone on the ward will look great in, then the skinny nurse trousers probably won't win. Some nurses find the skinny style too restrictive. Shorter nurses don't always like them as they can make you appear shorter and if you have a long torso they can also feel a bit out of proportion. 

5. Ugly Print Scrub Tops

So print scrub tops are all the rage especially in the States. They have yet to make their way truly into the hearts and minds of the medical profession in Europe. Now, don't get me wrong they are definitely not all bad. A decent print scrub top can go along way to making a child feel a little more comfortable when they are admitted to hospital. So if you are on the hunt for Pediatrics scrubs, a great cartoon design looks cool. Printed nurse uniform tops can also work wonders in nursing homes and care homes. Patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can respond very well to colourful visualisations, especially on nursing home uniforms and care home uniforms. Just make sure the printed scrub top you pick is appropriate for were you work and maintains your high level of professionalism. 

6. Uniform Identity Crisis

So most hospital, clinics and medical institutions now insist on colour coding scrubs per department and personalised embroidery or name badges on nurse scrubs. Yet how many times have you seen doctors rock into work in a pair of jeans? mmm interesting!!!

Let us know what if your hospital or clinic has any other nursing scrub rules that drive you around the bend?

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