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4 Ways To Make Use Of Old Medical Uniforms & Healthcare Uniforms

Posted by Lin Byrne on

Out with the old medical uniforms and in with the new healthcare uniforms

It is the start of 2017 and your wardrobe is a mess and packed with clothes (mostly old medical uniforms and healthcare uniforms). There is no time like before the New Year to organise yourself, make room for your medical uniforms and healthcare uniforms.

It is easy to throw away those old medical uniforms and healthcare uniforms, but there are so many great ways to repurpose your medical uniforms. Even if arts and crafts are not your forte, no worries, we have done our research and there are a lot of places where you can donate your old healthcare uniforms and help others in need.

Here are 5 different ways to repurpose your old medical uniforms to make room for the new and fresh healthcare uniforms coming to your wardrobe in 2017!

1. Everyone loves presents...especially homemade presents

No, we aren’t talking about giving your friends your old medical uniforms and healthcare uniforms. Find ways to use them creatively to give gifts all year long. One of our favourite ways to make your old healthcare uniforms gift worthy is by making them into wine bottle covers. Perfect for any season and your friends and family will love them.

2. Old cloths & dusters

Slice up your old medical uniforms and old healthcare uniforms into squares and rectangles, and you’ll have excellent cloths and dusters to clean the counters, tables, or windows around the house. When they get dirty, just throw them in the washing machine and reuse again!

3. Sew up your old healthcare uniforms and medical uniforms and make a quilt cover

Sewing skills are needed to repurpose your old medical uniforms and healthcare uniforms this way. To get started cut out your medical uniforms into squares. If you feel like getting creative and putting those worn healthcare uniforms to use, bust out your sewing kit and head to Pinterest and get your craft on.  Don’t have enough medical uniforms for a quilt cover? Don’t worry you can always make a tote bag or pillow case!

4. Make Sassy Hairbands

For all of us that aren’t great at sewing, this craft is perfect. Just take a pair of scissors to your old favourite healthcare uniforms. You can add gems, bows, or ribbons to spice up your hairband. In the end, the best perk is you’ll have a load of sassy hairbands for any occasion.


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