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4 Ingenious Blogger Tips For Tip Top Vet Scrubs & Veterinary Uniforms

Posted by Lin Byrne on

1. Buy smart

Always look for crease resistant or no iron. Anything that saves me time is a winner. I look for vet uniforms that are stain resistant, as nothing will stop people's pets trying to play with you so that they can put off that inevitable veterinary jab. I also have a really good steam iron that I just have to waft over vet scrubs rather than actually iron. It was expensive but saves me so much time on ironing that I count it as an investment!”

2. Prevention is better than cure

A lot of the time in your veterinary practice it is best to wear an apron when you are doing something that involves a huge amount of mess. I’ve yet to find a stain remover that will get the type of stains you pick up in a veterinary practice out completely. You want enjoy your job as a veterinarian or vet nurse. You don't want to be thinking all day about getting stains out of your veterinary uniform, so if I come home with stained a stained scrub top or scrub pants I don’t really mind. I find that if you buy a decent quality pair of vet scrub trousers or vet tech scrub top most things just wash out and they still look good anyway.

3. The 3-rule guide

  • Look out for easy-iron veterinary nurse uniforms and vet scrubs, they are easy to care, and in my experience, you can get away without ironing them, as long as creases are straighten when damp.
  • Choose stain-resistant veterinary clothing that will look fresh for longer and last a number of years.
  • Go for scuff-resistant and easy-clean shoes, which survive pets playing and running in the vet practice, and still look presentable after a few months of wear and tear.”

4. Use what’s in the cupboard / press

To remove sweat odours and stains from veterinary tunics: spray full-strength distilled white vinegar on underarms and collars of vet scrubs and vet uniforms before washing. To whiten and brighten up those vet scrubs: pour 1 cup of lemon juice in a bucket half full of water and soak vet tech scrubs overnight.

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