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5 cosas que su UNIFORMES DENTALES PODRÁN hacer en el futuro

Posted by Lin Byrne on

Prepare for dental uniforms and styles of dental scrubs that change color and shape, and even respond to your body temperature.

According to Juniper Research we will spend $ 59BN smart wearables by the year 2019. Let's face it , today's watch Apple is not really the bar very high in terms of "fashion" and other smart portable technology it is currently on sale is really just for geeks or fitness fanatics. So how will carry smart influence the type of dental uniforms that will buy in the future?

1. Dental Uniform color changing

Yes, this sounds great to us too! Imagine waking up in the morning and be able to change the color of their uniforms dentistry  through an application. companies and the unseen, a firm of science and design based in London, are currently working on this technology.

2. Dental Uniforms communicating

What? If this sounds a little weird, but coming down the tracks. This year, Google launched its first article salable under Jacquard Project with Levi. The project will focus on weaving thread in Levi jeans. The idea behind this piece of technology is that when jeans fabric touch will be interactive, which frees us from having to use mobile phones to Hailo a cab, turn on the washer or use the phone to call a patient your dental office.

3. Dental Uniforms charged devices

You know what it feels like. Running all day taking care of their patients, returns home from his dental practice, feeding children, cleaning the house, going to bed. For most us is the same daily routine. the annoying thing is that even when you forget to charge your mobile phone? vERY! Well, in a future not too far may charge your mobile phone while using their dental uniforms , scrubs dental or dental jackets.

4. Uniform dentistry  with controls body temperature

All dental surgery has arguments 'office' usual on the air conditioning too cold or heating too hot. The dental uniform industry has been at the forefront of the production of medical uniforms made ​​of superior fabrics for quite some time. However, industry dental scrubs is about to get more help from the technology sector. Soon you will be able to buy dental uniforms with controls body temperature that can be connected to the thermostat in your dental! practice Cool or what? you will be able to change the temperature of your medical uniforms keep it as cool or as hot as you like.

5. Dental Uniforms shape - shifting

You know the story ... you walk through the door towards the dental clinic and the weather is great, the sun is splitting the trees. Then pop out time lunch and it is pouring rain. Well imagine if you could adjust the length of the sleeve of his dental scrubs for adverse weather conditions. This is exactly what Lacoste predict the future.

When we look back at our dental uniforms and scrubs from 2016 Dental will be surprised how archaic and unhelpful they really were. I'm looking forward to the uniforms of dentistry of the future!

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